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History in the quatrains of Nostradamus
according to the conclusions of the authors of the JCL Editions books used
(i.e. Jean Guernon & Michel Dufresne - JCL Copyright)

NOSTRADAMUS Editions Used here

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XVIIth  Century

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Henri IV and Marie of edicis (1600)

7,20 : The diplomatic undertakings by the Vatican, in April 1599 and April 1600, to convince Henri IV to marry the Catholic Marie of Medicis. The forefront role played by the cardinal of Gondi in the negotiations.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 20


War between France and Savoy (1600)

5,82 : The war between France and Savoy (1600). Henri IV attacks the Bresse in spite of the concluded alliance between the Marshal (maréchal) of France and Charles-Emmanuel.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 82


7,4 : Henri IV invades Bresse (1600) after the aggression of Savoy against the small State. Roles of the cities of Augsbourg and Geneva in the propagation of the Reform, in 1530 and 1555.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 4


The creation of the Saint League Catholic (1609)

10,91 : The unanimous counterattack of the Catholic church to the formation of the Evangelical League in the Saint Germanic Roman Empire, in 1609, whereas the Catholic States of the empire constitute a league, the Saint League Catholic, under the conduct of Maximilian of Bavaria.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 91


The murder of Henri IV of France (1610)

5,1 : The murder of Henri IV of France, May 14, 1610. The symbolism of the murder of the first of Bourbons in regard to the French Revolution.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 1


9,36 : The murder of Henri IV, May 14, 1610, by Ravaillac, plot prepared for the succession of three German duchies, whose the Spanish's had sequestrated the pretenders and occupied the duchies.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 36


Brantôme describes his time

10,73 : Brantôme who died in 1614, knew how to carry judgment on the time of the magus, from François 1st to Henri IV, describing with sharpness and precision mores of the time and even all features of the court of France and problems that he had to face with his abbey or with the puritanical church of the time.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 73


Louis XIII and the Protestants of the kingdom (1612-1622)

3,56 : Louis XIII and the Protestants of the kingdom. His mother's role, Marie of Medicis, in wars that marked the beginning of his reign (1612-1622). The Protestant South of France that submitted.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 56


4,86 : The. consecration of Louis XIII, in Reims, October 17, 1610. The king's particular receipt to Aix after his pacification of the French South of France. Wars of Religion led by this monarch in between 1620 and 1629. The execution of Henri II of Montmorency, October 30, 1632.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 86


The Great Britain Royal family in the beginning of the century

10,42 : At the end XVIth and the beginning of the XVIIth, the British royal family governs a long time in peace and develop its influence, but becomes thereafter constantly occupied outside of the British Islands, to fight for the promotion of its empire by war, which (empire) will also be flourishing and auspicious.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 42


Jacques 1st of England, 1625

10,40 : The accession of the king Scotch Jacques IV on the throne of England, under the name of Jacques 1st, unites the English and Scottish crowns. In 1642, Charles 1st wanted to restore his power by force by a coup: he attempted to put under arrest the five main chiefs of the parliamentary opposition.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 40


Disappointments of Marie of Medicis (1610-1630)

4,41 : The famous escapes of Marie of Medicis from the castle of Blois where had confined him her son, Louis XIII of France. The decay of this house and the Italian dynasty that had made the great days of it (1617-1619).

Centurie 4 Quatrain 41


7,18 : The wars of Louis XIII against the Protestants and the nobility of the kingdom. The revolt of Albi (12 August 1625) and its brutal repression, seven days later. The shameful conduct of the queen mother in the progress of the conflict. Richelieu and the ax of justice.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 18


Michel Romanov (1613)

10,3 : Russia in the beginning of the XVIIth century. " Some after 5 " would concern the numerous leaders who will have taken, in spite of their illegitimacy or their incompetence, the reins of power between the reign of Ivan IV, said the Terrible, that withers after the death of this later one in 1584, and the election of Ivan the terrible grand-nephew, Michel Romanov, in 1613.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 3


The Siege of La Rochelle (1628)

2,37 : The Siege of La Rochelle (1628) or event to come

Centurie 2 Quatrain 37


2,61 : The Siege of La Rochelle (1628) or event to come that would see the French Aquitaine all over again coveted by England

Centurie 2 Quatrain 61


3,9 : The defense of La Rochelle by England at the time of the siege of the city by armies of Louis XIII (1628).

Centurie 3 Quatrain 9


10,68 : Buckingham disembarked July 22, 1627 to the Ré Island with an army of 5000 infantrymen and 100 riders, a first time. They quickly leave. End November, Louis XIII himself arrives with Richelieu and 25 000 men; they construct a dam between Ré and the coast. The English come but don't disembark and La Rochelle capitulates on October 1628.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 68


Richelieu, the French war marine and the eruption of the Vesuvius (1631)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 93


2,47 : The eruption of the Vesuvius of 1631. The death of John Donne in England, during this same year. The one of Richelieu, in 1642.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 47


2,53 : The harbor of Napoli ravaged by the eruption of the Vesuvius (1631) and the war of Mantua Succession.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 53


Louis XIII and Richelieu (1615-1642)

1,59 : Louis XIII and the Regency, & Richelieu (1624-1635)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 59


6,65 : Foundation of the Company of Saint-Sacrament to the instigation of Cardinal Richelieu. Repression exercised by this "community" against the reactionary elements of the policies of the controversial prelate (1627-1642).

Centurie 6 Quatrain 65


6,92 : The legendary beauty of the young Louis XIII of France. The murder of Concini. The arrival of Richelieu in the immediate setting of the regent Marie of Medicis. The Siege of La Rochelle (1628) and the bloody massacres perpetrated on the cardinal's orders.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 92


8,68 : The treason of the marquis of Cinq Mars, protected by the cardinal of Richelieu, discovered by the venerable prelate, June 11, 1642. The role of Richelieu in the construction of the main channels of navigation of the country. The prelate's death in December 1642.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 68


8,82 : The cardinal of Richelieu, faithful servant of the Crown, disavowed at the end of his long career. His last stroke of fame: the denunciation of the traitorous Cinq Mars, in 1642.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 82


9,1 : The conspiracies against Richelieu and Louis XIII by Catherine of Medicis, Gaston of Orleans, and Cinq Mars with the complicity of François of Thou. Mazarin that will succeed to Richelieu in 1643.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 1


9,18 : The succeeding revolts of Gaston of Orleans, Henri II of Montmorency, & the duke Charles IV of Lorraine against the cardinal Richelieu and Louis XIII, the duke Charles IV sees his duchy of Lorraine occupied, and Montmorency is decapitated on October 30th, 1632, in Toulouse.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 18


9,77 : The firm hold of the regime by Louis XIII with the murder of Concini, in 1617. Objectors of the king and the Cardinal Richelieu, of which the queen mother and Gaston of Orleans. Their exile and the condemnation to death of most others plotters end of 1630 and thereafter; the queen mother herself because of the fact that she was not detained and that she could continue her plot within the community, even from afar, after her exile.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 77


9,78 : Remarkable beauty of Marie of Medicis. Her Florentine origins. Her numerous interventions in the business of the state. Her exile November 10, 1630, to Spanish Netherlands. Her miserable death July 3, 1642, in Cologne, still in exile.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 78


10,54 : A woman of an illegitimate union, at the time of a sad turning around of situation, is captured and is brought to Malines and Brussels. Could be the exile of Marie of Medicis in Brussels following her conspiracy in 1642.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 54


Anne of Austria, queen by Louis XIII side until Louis XIV

10,55 : Anne Of Austria, daughter of Philippe III of Spain, who married Louis XIII in 1615. Their unhappy union. She became regent at his death in 1643. The day when Louis XIV was put on the throne, she retired in a convent of the Valley-of-grace, where she finished her days.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 55


Thirty years' war (1618-1648)

5,85 : Thirty years' war (1618-1648). Germany loses in it close to the half of its population. The role of Switzerland in the confrontation.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 85


6,15 : The beginnings of thirty years' war. Philippe II of Spain, ally of the emperor, attacks the evangelical union (Protestant). Philippe's death, then the one of the pope Paul V (1621), in a two months of interval. Philippe IV on the throne of Spain.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 15


6,56 : The fear felt by the city of Narbonne and by the western part of France by the threat of invasion by Spain. The revolt of the Catalonia against Philippe IV of Spain (1639). The Roussillon becomes French at the signing of the treaty of the Pyrenees (1659).

Centurie 6 Quatrain 56


6,64 : Thirty years' war (1618-1648) and the fact that enemies in presence didn't wish to solve divergence by no means having opposed them. The Spanish Catalan treason against their mother homeland (1640).

Centurie 6 Quatrain 64


7,3 : The thirty years' war and catalan revolt of 1640. The concluded alliance between rebels and France. Benefits withdrawn by the Ottomans of the weakening of the empire of Austria who had especially bet on the strength of Spain to maintain themselves in position by force.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 3


7,10 : The great Condé (Louis II of Bourbon) and the corsair Jean Bart, lead two of most ferocious war of the XVII th century. France gets to know by them some of its most beautiful hours of glory.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 10


8,22 : The role of second plan played by the viscount of Turenne during the wars of the cardinal of Richelieu (1635-1642). His belated nomination to the station of marshal of France, in 1643. The recognition, later, of his real value by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 22


9,22 : February 8, 1635, France concluded a treaty of alliance with the United Provinces by the treaty of Paris, with the dukes of Savoy, Parma and Mantua by the treaty of Rivoli, in July of the same year. Will follow an evacuation of the Valteline and of Grisons by the Duke of Rohan in 1637, that brings us to the defection of the Italian allies from France.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 22


Wallenstein, his role, his treason,

9,35 : Following his decommission after having refused to mobilize his troops in spite of orders by the emperor Ferdinand II, Wallenstein plots with France and Sweden against him, which will cause Ferdinand to murder the rebel February 24, 1634.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 35


9,90 : The contribution of Wallenstein to the strength of the emperor Ferdinand II, his ulterior revolt that made a great turmoil and cost him his life.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 90


French galley slave revolt in 1635

9,79 : French galley slave revolt in 1635 because one had promised liberty in return for victory, following which, after the victory, one had not given suite however with freedom for the prisoners.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 79


(N.B. This 9,79 one is the single one that is really accurate not by me nor by MD, but by Mr. Fedeli.)

Louis XIV and some facts of his reign (1638-1661)

2,7: Louis XIV, the political colonizer of Richelieu, the famine of 1661 in France, the death of Mazarin and the royal edict of the same year that abolished the prime minister function.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 7


3,42: The eruption of the Vesuvius in 1631. The birth of Louis XIV (1638). The famine that touched France in 1661.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 42


4,61 : Philippe of Orleans, brother of Louis XIV and the revocation of the edict of Nantes (18 October 1685). Mazarin and his role at the dawn of the reign of the King-sun. The great absentee heir apparent of the political arena.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 61


5,40 : The misalliances of Bourbons, notably under Louis XIV, dilute the family's blue blood. The royal illegitimate children see to grant themselves the same privileges. France loses all respect towards its nobility. During the Revolution, the Vendeens stay alone to defend the clan.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 40


10,28 : This quatrain concerns  the duke of Maine, who was thin, infirm at birth and took care to comfort Louis XIV, depressive, and extracted enormous inheritances, of charges, and of honors, and is also about his wife, Madame du Maine that had acquired the Castle of "Sceaux". The couple spread the false rumors of poisoning about their rival, Philippe of Orleans, that prompted the King to change his will, giving a vain title to the duke and bequeathing the command of troops and all the efficient authority to Louis Auguste.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 28


Mazarin, emulator of Richelieu (1638-1661)

6,93: The ambitions of Mazarin to equal Richelieu are vexed by reason of his bad judgment. The erroneous information of his informants push him to commit some unforgivable blunders. The character's legendary greed.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 93



Charles 1st of England and Cromwell (1649)

1,36 : Louis XVI and the duke of Orleans (1793) or Charles 1st of England and Cromwell (1649)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 36


2,100 : Charles 1st of England and Cromwell. The massacre of the Irish population (1649). The restoration of the monarchical regime (1660).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 100


3,80 : The accession of Charles 1st to the throne of Britain (1649). His untangling with the Parliament, the ominous acts of his main counselors. The Revolution and the arrival on the scene of Cromwell.


Centurie 3 Quatrain 80


4,21 : The English insurrection of 1649 and the flight of Charles 1st of London. The dismissal of Laud, first counselor of the king.


Centurie 4 Quatrain 21



5,93 : Charles 1st of England and his untangling with Scotland. Defeat of the royalists in 1644. The king's tragic end in 1649.


Centurie 5 Quatrain 93



8,37 : The English Revolution under Charles 1st. The king's incarceration in the castle of Windsor and his public execution at Whitehall, January 30, 1649.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 37



9,11 : The circumstances that surrounded the execution of Charles 1st, king of England, in 1649 and the pestilence that followed in 1665.


Centurie 9 Quatrain 11



9,49 : The execution of the king of England January 30, 1649. Spaniards who bargained the estuary of Schelde, against interests of Antwerp at the same moment.


Centurie 9 Quatrain 49



10,36 : The period that will follow the one of the execution of Charles 1st, whose head was cut on the stock, in 1649, that is, until years of depredation and tyranny bring people to ask Charles II to take control the kingdom back.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 36



Cromwell Highlights (1649-1658)

8,76 : The political advent of Oliver Cromwell. His humble origins and the numerous massacres perpetrated during his reign as Lord, Protector of the English people (1653-1658). The foreign policy of the cruel tyrant.


Centurie 8 Quatrain 76



Disappointments of Charles II of England (1651)

8,48 : The peace recovered in Scotland after the defeat of Charles II to Cromwell, in 1651. The French Guyana touched by events of the Frond, The Spanish Catalan revolt subdued in 1652.


Centurie 8 Quatrain 48



The sultan Koprulu threatens Europe (1664)

9,60 : The crusade against the sultan Koprulu that, after having invaded Transylvania and ravaged Hungary, walked on Presbourg in June 1663 where he was stopped by Montecuccoli, or event of our future.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 60



Colonization of the American New Jersey (1664)

8,74 : The duke of York receives of his brother Charles II of England the territories of the actual New Jersey (1664). Duke delegated his powers to his friends Carteret and Berkeley. Colonists demonstrate against the attitude of proxies. Announcement of the American Revolution that resulted (1776).

Centurie 8 Quatrain 74


The affair of Poisons and the Voisin (1679)

1,68 : The murder attempt of Henri IV (1594) or the Voisin's affair (1679)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 68


5,36 : The death, by poisoning, of the duke of Bouillon and the role of the Olympus sisters and Marie Mancini in the business. The complicity of lady of Montespan, mistress of Louis XIV.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 36


6,59 : The possessive Mrs. of Montespan, mistress of Louis XIV during twelve years, poison her rivals and hit in the king's same setting. The affair of Poisons sees its investigation shortened when the king learns that she may have been mingled into it.


Centurie 6 Quatrain 59



The Siege of Vienna by Turks (1683)

9,28 : The siege of Vienna by Turks, the event of September 12, 1683 while Louis XIV was bombarding Italy. Other possibility: invasion of Italy launched from the north sector of the Adriatic, probably of Slovenia or Austria, then occupied by the Islamic invaders.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 28


9,83 : An earthquake around May 11 of some year. Possible tie with the earthquake to Rémiront May 12, 1682 and the siege of Vienna that live the disarray and the debacle of the Moslem following an eclipse of moon the following year, or event of the future foretelling the arrival of the first Antichrist.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 83



9,94 : Siege of Vratislave, some 50 kilometers from Vienna, by the Turks, and the Hungarians, allies of the Turks, at the time of the siege of Vienna, September 12, 1683.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 94



War of the Camisards (1683-1685)

9,15 : The massacres of the Huguenot by troops to the service of Louis of France, following the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685, especially in regions adjoining Perpignan, in reprisals to exactions perpetrated by Camisards.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 15



9,71 : The war of camisards, and the epic of Jean Cavalier, Huguenot Cévénol chief that imposed a reign of terror in the Languedoc, and that was finally, not only pardoned, but honored by Louis XIV.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 71



Jacques II of England and the Revolution (1688)

2,68 : Jacques II of England and the Revolution of 1688. The naval battle of La Hougue (1692).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 68



4,89 : The decay of Jacques II of the throne of Britain (1689). His son-in-law Guillaume of Orange is named to his place. The conspiracy that provoked Jacques' dismissal. The declaration of war from Guillaume against the France of Louis XIV.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 89



Wars of Guillaume III and pretensions of Louis XIV

1,16 : The treaty of Ryswick (1697) or event to come (1991-1994 or 2197-2200)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 16


4,99 : The wars of Guillaume III of Britain against the France of Louis XIV (1689-1697). His actions even in Nouvelle France, make the French lose the some conquests achieved the previous years under Frontenac.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 99


The accession of Frédéric-Augustus II at the throne of Poland (1697)

10,46: The accession of Frederic-Augustus II at the throne of Poland in 1697. While bribing without shame a faction of the Sejm and by the armed Russian intervention, Frederic Augustus II, Elector of Saxony, was placed on the throne of Poland under the name of Augustus III. The war that ended by the treaty of Vienna in November 1738, whereas Stanislas gave up the throne of Poland, that remained to Augustus III.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 46


The second War of the North and Pierre the Great (1699-1702)

1,49 : The second war of the North, Russia on the Baltic (1699-1702)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 49


End of the 17th Century

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