History in the quatrains of Nostradamus 
according to the conclusions of the authors of the JCL Editions books used 
(i.e. Jean Guernon & Michel Dufresne - JCL Copyright) 

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The death of the pope Leon XIII (1903)

5,56 : The death of Leon XIII, in 1903, to the venerable age of 93 years. Election of Pius X. His little of interest for the material business of the Vatican. His huge work at the level of the canonical rights. The possible recognition of his greatness.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 56



The forty years of peace (1871-1911)

1,17 : The forty years of peace (1871-1911) More likely about a future drought of 40 years. followed by forty years of floods.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 17


(NB: It was the one single so far ERROR in the word "siccité" in the N dictionary, that caused the mistake.)

1,63 : The forty years of peace (1871-1911)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 63



The Balkan wars (1912-1913)

1,98 : The Balkan wars (1912-1913) and the downfall of the Ottoman empire (1912).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 98



Beginnings of World War I (1914)

1,87: World War I, the Germany-Russia confrontation and fights of the Marne (1914).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 87



3,18: Reims bombarded by the German aviation (20 September 1914). The sacrilegious implication of the attack. The forty years of peace having preceded World War I.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 18



10,63: The assassination attempt in 1914 against the son of François-Joseph 1st, François-Ferdinand, heir of the throne after the disappearance of Rodolphe, victim of a nationalistic Serb, and the events that triggered World War I, or physicians without border in territories occupied by the Turkish descendants (of the previous verse 10,62).

Centurie 10 Quatrain 63



The invasion of France via Belgium (1914)

4,8: The invasion of France via Belgium (1914) and the Battle of Saint-Quentin. The Germans threaten Paris from their entrenched position behind the Marne.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 8



The invasion of Turkey (1915-1916)

2,1 : The invasion of Turkey by the French-British forces (1915-16) and  floodingin the Netherlands (1916).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 1



5,35 : The attack of British against the strait of the Dardanelles in 1916. The retreat of Gallipoli, January 8, and the heavy resistance of the Turks in spite of their weak means.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 35



The intervention of the United States in the first world conflict (1917)

1,91 : The  apparitions of Fatima, the entrance in war of the United States and the Russian revolution (1917).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 91



3,29 : The military intervention of the United States at the conclusion of World War I. The defeat of the Germany of the Kaiser.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 29



Lenin and the Russian Revolution (1917)

1,3 : The French Revolution (1792) or the Russian Revolution (1917).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 3



2,24 : Lenin and the affair of the so-called " leaded " wagon. His journey through Germany, at the beginning of the year 1917. The exhausted Germany at the end of the conflict.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 24



Hitler and the treaty of Versailles (1919)

2,80 : Guillaume II of Germany and World War I. The treaty of Versailles and the extreme nationalism of Adolph Hitler.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 80



The occupation of Cologne by English (1919)

6,4 : The occupation of Cologne by English after the end of World War I. The city becomes cosmopolitan but preserves its language and its culture.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 4



The fall of the Ottoman empire (1920)

1,56 : The tribulations of the Ottoman empire (XIXe and XXe centuries)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 56



2,21 : The dismantling of the Ottoman empire (1920) and the victory of the  Triple understandingover the TTriple alliance(First world War).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 21



3,97  The birth of the Zionist movement at the end of the XlXe century. The Balfour declaration (1917) and the preliminary of the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. The fall of the Ottoman empire in 1920.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 97



5,19 : The fall of the Ottoman empire in 1920. The enrichment of the Middle East during the Second world war due to its oil. Jews get settled in Palestine. The war of Six-days. The terrifying confrontations, between Jews and Palestinians, that occurred since.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 19



The advent of Mussolini (1923)

3,70 : The birth of the Italian fascism. The advent of the " Duce " Mussolini (1923). The invasion of Italy by the Allies, the July 1943.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 70



7,32: The humble origins of Benito Mussolini. His little interest for arts in general. The dubious policies decreted against the Italian middle class. The famous march of the Italian Fascists of combat, October 30, 1922. Anguishes of World War II on the divided country.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 32



The murder of Mattéotti (1924)

9,2  The murder of Matteotti brought a general protest in Italy and deputies retired in block on the Avetin mount to force the king to free the dictator's Italy in 1924.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 2



Earthquakes in Ephese and Corinth (1928)

2,52 : The earthquakes of March 30 and April 22, 1928, in Smyme and Corinth. The confrontation Constantin 1st - Venizélos and their personal vision of Greece.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 52



3,3 : The earthquakes of 1928 in cities of Corinth and Ephese. The ideological confrontation between the Greek Venizeloses and Constantins.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 3



The stock crash of 1929

3,34 : The solar eclipse of 1927, prelude to the stock crash of 1929. The political beginnings of Hitler Adolph.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 34



The downfall of XIII Alphonse of Spain (1931)

6,88 : The downfall of the king Alphonse XIII of Spain, April 14, 1931. The rapid succession of Republican governments between 1931 and 1936. The murder of the chief of the royalist party, July 13, 1936, triggers to the civil war of Spain. An earthquake provokes the death of 25 000 people in Pakistan at the end of the month of May 1935.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 88



The murder of the president Doumer and the abduction of the Lindbergh baby (1932)

3,72 : The political murder of the president French Paul Doumer and the abduction, against ransom, of the son of Charles Lindbergh. The death of the child and the mystery having surrounded this affair.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 72



The political beginnings of Hitler Adolph (1918-1933)

1,97 : The period between the first two world wars, speeches of peace of Adolph Hitler (1918-1939).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 97



3,81 : Hitler, chancellor of Germany in 1933. His taking in charge of the army five years later. His war, his defeat. The harbor of Remagen, symbol by excellence of the western Allies victory.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 81



4,56 : The accession to power of Hitler Adolph. His false pacific appearance for all; the beginning of his mandate at the title of Chancellor of Germany. The Second world War and the genocide of Jews.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 56




6,67 : The advent of Adolph Hitler and torments endured under his domination. Governments imposed inside the conquered countries. Character compared to the bloodthirsty Neron (1936-1945).

Centurie 6 Quatrain 67


The Marshal Hindeburg delivers the power to Hitler (1933)

10,85 : At the age of 86 years old, captive of the power game, the old marshal Hindenburg delivers the power to Hitler.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 85



The civil War of Spain (1936)

2,39 : The accession to the power of Adolph Hitler in 1938. Deladiers presides the Council of Framée that same year. Franco and his dictatorship in Spain. Italy in World War II and then massive elimination of Jews by Nazi.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 39



3,8 : The civil war of Spain of 1936. The European nations ingerence in this internal conflict.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 8



5,51 : The Spanish civil war (1936-1939). The alignment of the various nations of the globe in this conflict. The creation of the international Brigades.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 51




6,7 : The civil War of Spain (1936-1939). The major role of the troops of Hitler and Mussolini in the conflict. The final victory of Franco's nationalists.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 67



6,19 : The beginnings of the civil War of Spain (1936). Seville becomes the iron of spear of the Revolution. The massacre of the priests of the country by republicans. Franco's final triumph.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 19



Edward VIII refuses to break his union rather than reign (1937)

10,22 : Édouard VIII, preferring the love to the crown, abdicates in favor of his brother, and goes into exile to marry  lady Simpson. Compromised by his relations with Nazi Germany, he was named governor of the Bahamas of 1940 to 1945, so far from the Nazi maneuver during all the duration of World War II. After the war, he settles in France where he died.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 22



The reunification of Germany (1938)

1,82 : The Anschluss, Adolph Hitler and the unification of Germany and Austria (1938).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 82




5,94 : Adolph Hitler and the great Reich. Work of the Rhineland, annexation of Austria and invasion of Belgium. The Führer partner to Armenia and the Aryan race (1936-1940).

Centurie 5 Quatrain 94



The election of pope Pius XII (1939)

3,65: The discovery of the tomb of Saint Peter. Election of the pope Pius XII, March 2, 1939. His lawsuit of beatification and the notorious interventions of the Jews because of his passive attitude with the German concentration camp holocausts.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 65



6,66: The discovery of the tomb of Saint Peter in 1935 and earthquakes in April of the same year. Consecration of Nazism during the convention of Nuremberg (15 September 1935). Possibility that racism is associated, one day, to the Beast announced by the apocalypse.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 66



Early beginnings of World War II (1939)

1,47: The league of nations and its failures of conciliation (1920-1939).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 47


1,92 : Adolph Hitler and business of the central Europe, early beginnings of the Second world War (1939).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 92



5,4 : The pact of non-aggression that took place August 24, 1939 between Germany and Russia. The invasion of Poland by the troops of Hitler Adolph.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 4



6,58 : The economic crisis known by the United States and by countries of Western Europe between years 1929 and 1936. The strange alliance concluded between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. during World War II. Countries most touched by the conflict: Great Britain and Italy, peace recovered thanks to their conjugated efforts.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 58



7,34 : The unconscious French leader optimism at the nearing of World War II. The torment of the occupation starting June 1940. The stern rationing imposed to the population.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 34



9,52 : The pull back of Germany from the Conference on disarmament of the League of Nations that had for mission to avoid war. Illegal annexations of Austria, then of Czechoslovakia and in short of Poland, by Hitler's Germany, and of Ethiopia by the Italy of Mussolini, condemned by The League of Nations. The attack and the occupation of France that followed.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 52



The invasion of Poland (1939)

3,7 : The invasion of Poland, at the dawn of the second world conflict.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 7



The great economic boom of the Middle East due to its oil

4,15 : The great economic takeoff of the Middle Orient thanks to its oil, at the dawn of the second world conflict. The major role of Britain and the United States in the economic development of this region of the globe.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 14



The defeat of Allies in Dunkerque (1940)

2,64 : Switzerland starving during the Second world War. The Convention of Geneva and the powerlessness of the Allies to maintain themselves in Dunkerque (1940).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 64



Mussolini and Hitler (1940)

2,30: Mussolini and the fascist Italy. Adolph Hitler and his visceral hate of Jews. The Nazi propaganda.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 30



7,33 : The arrival to power of Mussolini and the few scruples demonstrated with the systematic elimination of the objectors to the regime. The intervention of Scorca and of Ghandi (1943), to convince the Duce to persevere in his war. The hunt for fascists triggered after the surrender of Italy.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 33



Hungary joins itself to Germany and Italy (1940)

2,32: Hungary 1940. Its union with the Germano-Italo-Japanese tripartite pact. Yugoslavia invaded by Germany (April 1941), or event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 32



The invasion of Greece by Italy (1940)

1,69 : The invasion of Greece by Italy (1940)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 69



3,40 : The Italian invasion of the Greece (1940), followed up by that of the Germans the year after. The political murder of Metaxas.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 40



The invasion of Belgium and France (1940)

2,50 : The neutrality of Belgium at the dawn of the second world conflict revives a centennial rivalry. France conquered under the observant eye of Belgium.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 50



4,19: The capitulation of Belgium at dawn of the Second world War. The evacuation of Dunkerque by the Allies. France abandoned to its fate.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 19



4,80: The construction of the Maginot line (1927-1936). Invasion of Paris, in 1940, in spite of the presence of this imposing system of defense. The joining of nearly the totality of armies of the world in the Second world War.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 80



9,47 The occupation of France in 1940, the armistice signed by Huntziger and Keitel at Rethindes June 22, 1940, and the election of Government Pétain that will ratify this agreement. The terrifying consequences for the Jews and the resistance.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 47



The invasion of Denmark (1940)

6,41: Denmark and Germany agree to a mutual pact of nonaggression. The invasion of the country by Germany a few months later (April 10th, 1940) constrained the British Isles and Holland to invest massively into the protection of the borders of the Netherlands. The illusory intervention of the United States, in Italy, to prevent the growing of the conflict.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 41



The conquest of Belgium (1940)

6,30 : The surprise invasion of Belgium, by the German troops, May 10, 1940. The neutrality displayed by the country ridiculed by the aggressor. The uncomfortable position of Liege during the advance of the armies of the Reich.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 30



The battle of England (1940)

2,18 : The bombardments on England (1940) and the aerial fights of the second world conflict.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 18



3,71: The battle of England of August 1940. The stubborn resistance of islanders, symbol par excellence of courage. The defeat of Germany in 1945. Costs of the surrender. Final balance of the war.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 71



6,34 : England's cities bombarded during the fall 1940. Churchill and the population in general sees a boost of vitality and of national pride.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 34



The naval war of the Atlantic (1939-1942)

2,40 : The naval war of the second world conflict. The importance of fleets in presence and the bitterness of fights.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 40



The invasion of Greece from Yugoslavia (1941)

4,82 : The invasion of Greece by Hitlerian troops in 1941. Their passage through Yugoslavia and the organization of the Resistance under Tito. Hitler associated to the fatal  name "destroyer".

Centurie 4 Quatrain 82



Pearl Harbor and the war of the Pacific (1941-1945)

1,30 : The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 30



3,1 : The war of the Pacific of the second world conflict, between the Japanese and American fleets.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 1



9,100 : The attack of Pearl Harbor bringing the destruction of the American fleet December 7, 1941. The impact of this confrontation on the progress of the war, in Europe until then, and worldwide henceforth. 

Centurie 9 Quatrain 100



Pétain and the occupation of the free zone (1942)

3,14: The French marshal Petain. His long descent into hell and the General de Gaulle emergence.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 14



3,69: Adolph Hitler and Philippe Pétain. The occupation of the free zone November 11, 1942. The French troop final surrender, the scuttling of the fleet at the end of the month.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 69



3,82 : The devastations in cities of Fréjus, Antibes and Nice. The German invasion of the free zone in 1942. The liberation of the coast in 1944.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 82



7,35: The armistice concluded between the France of Petain and Nazi Germany, in June 1940. The great disappointment of the population facing policies of the old marshal, equals to that of the later, for the behavior of his compatriots.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 35



8,65: The belated promotion of Pétain to general's rank, at the age of 58 years old. The character's political ascension to the head of the French nation. His government under the occupation (July 10th, 1940 to March 1942). The disloyalty of his successor, Pierre Laval.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 65



Bombardments of Dijon (1943)

1,80: The aerial bombardments on Dijon, the birth of a monster (1943).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 80



The fall of Mussolini and Italy ravaged (1943)

3,19 : The fall of Mussolini and the devastation of the Italty, during the last days of the Second world War.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 19



4,35 : The Italian fascists and their collapse in 1943 after the invasion of Sicily by Allies. Victor-Emmanuel finds shelter in the Vatican following the invasion of Rome by the Germans.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 35



9,95 : Mussolini dismissed of his functions of chief of government by the king July 24, 1943 after the ally landing in Palermo on the 10th. His temporary exile.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 95



10,77 : At the time of the American landing of Italy in 1943, the lawsuit against around thirty fascist leaders condemned publicly, their possessions seized and then their exiles, incarcerated thereafter probably on the American bases outside of Italy.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 77



10,78: Mussolini, delivered of his confinement September 12, 1943 by an operation by the SS, comes back directly to Italy crueler than ever, even slaughtering those of his own family, until April 27, 1945 capitulation, whereas he flees and hides before being finally found and dejected by partisans.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 78



The invasion of Italy by Allies (1943)

2,5 : The invasion of Italy by Allies (1943), from Sicily.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 5



6,16 : The landing of Sicily (1943). The retreat of Germans from Italy. The S.S. take vengeance on the Resistance. The great joy of the Milanese by the success of the landing of Normandy (1944).

Centurie 6 Quatrain 16



6,87 : The adoption in Frankfort of the program aiming the extinction of the Jewish race. The dismissal of the thesis by the Milanese. The surrender of the Italian peninsula accelerates the withdrawal of the Germans at the end of the second world conflict.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 87



8,81 : The Great Reich of Adolph Hitler. The premises of his downfall appear in 1943 by the defeat of Stalingrad at the hands of the Soviets and by the invasion of Sicily by the Allies. The last days of the Petain regime in France.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 81



10,25 : The battle of Monte Cassino that was perpetuated in Central Italy, begun February 15th, to end May 18th, 1944. The Allies, having achieved the junction with their head of bridge of Anzio and Nettuno (landing of January 22nd), march finally on Rome, where they will enter June 4th.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 25



The landing of Normandy (1944)

1,20 : The allies landing in France (1944)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 20



1,29 : The allies landing in France (1944)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 29



2,14 : The allies landing of 1944 and the liberation of the French cities of Tours and Giens.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 14



3,33 :  The occupation of Paris by the German armies during the course of the Second World War. The landing of Normandy of June 6, 1944. The conquest of Italy by Allies.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 33



4,81 : The landing of Normandy (June 1944). The liberation of Belgium by troops of Montgomery in days that followed. The symbolic of the number seven in the progress of the business.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 81



5,34 : The onset of the Overlord operation aiming the invasion of coasts of the Normandy (1944) from the English harbor of Portsmouth. The last German resistance pocket in the region of the Gironde and its defeat in 1945.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 34



The liberation of France

4,46 : The liberation of France at the conclusion of the Second world War. The particular roles of the cities of Tour, Nantes and Reimses at the beginning and at the end of the conflict.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 46



The conquest of Italy and the landing of Provence (1943-1944)

1,72 : The occupation of the South of France (1942) and the landing of Provence (1944)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 72



2,4 : The invasion of Italy by Allies (1943), the German troops withdrawal and the landing of Provence (1944).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 4



2,54 : The occupation of Rome by the Allies (June 1944) and the Italian Social Republic of Mussolini.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 54



2,59 : The Allies landing of Provence (15 August 1944).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 59



6,76 : The last days of fascist Italy at the conclusion of World War II. The resistance of the citizens of Rome after the invasion of the city by Germans. Their liberation by the Allies and the reprisals experienced against the last partisans of the Duce: Benito Mussolini, aka the Guide.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 76



6,77 : The invasion of the Italy by the Allies at the end of the second world conflict. The three lines of defense erected by Germans to prevent the progression of Allies northwards. Mussolini and his followers executed after a summary lawsuit, in April 1945.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 77



The German city of Dresden razed (1945)

5,8 : The destruction of the German city of Dresden, February 14th, 1945. The effect of the devastating incendiary bombs used. The city left without defense and the extraordinary luck of the RAF and Allies in this murderous raid.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 8



Pius XII and the war (1939-1945)

1,100 : Pius XII, the gray dove of the Second world War and Roosevelt's death (1939-1945).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 100



Adolph Hitler, the SS and the Gestapo (1939-1945)

1,64 : Adolph Hitler, the SS and the Gestapo (1939-1945) or future events

Centurie 1 Quatrain 64



The final solution of Hitler and the attempt against him (1942-1944)

9,53 : Hitler and the organization of the "the final solution", that is to say the elimination of the Jews January 20th, 1942, at the Head office of Interpol. The three ovens structures to this end in Auschwitz, Dachau and Birkenau. The tentative of elimination of Hitler with a bomb July 20, 1944.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 53



The death of Hitler Adolph (1945)

3,58 : Adolph Hitler, his dark birth, his struggle against Communism, and his death judged suspicious. The political opportunism of the character.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 58



The destruction of cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945)

2,6 : The destruction by atomic weapons of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 1945).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 6



2,70 : A punitive measure against a people described as proud that would make this nation regress. Possible allusion to the destruction of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the Second world War, or event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 70



2,91 : The destruction by atomic weapons of cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 1945).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 91



2,92 : The destruction by atomic weapons of cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 1945).

Centurie 2 Quatrain 92



6,90 : The United States blamed for the destruction, by atomic weapons, of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even the American headquarters revolts against the president's decision. The justification of the attack supported by the traditional stubbornness of nipponese troops.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 90



The trial of Nuremberg (1945)

2,38: The trial of Nuremberg (1945) and the sharing of Europe at the end of the second world conflict.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 38



The deposition of the Italian king Humbert II (1946)

6,13 : The short reigns of the Italian king Humbert II in spite of the unanimous support of the people. The intervention of republicans, sustained by the Allies, provoke his fall. The exile of the king and his end in solitude.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 13



The creation of the state of Israel (1948)

2,19 : The creation of the state of Israel (1948) and conflicts between Palestinians and Jews for the possession of the territory.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 19



10,76 : The UN will realize the importance of the Israelis as a nation, and, after the tentative of holocaust, and after their defeat & hunt by the Nazis, in November 1947, the world organization will share Palestine with them.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 76



Gandhi and India (1919-1950)

1,50 : Gandhi, the great Soul (1919-1950)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 50



4,51 : The independence granted to India in 1947. Gandhi and the civil disobedience, measure par excellence to dislodge the English occupant. The role of Bengal in the final confrontation.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 51



4,52 : The independence of India (1947). The country assured henceforth to no more undergo the shame of occupation.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 52



The Hungarian insurrection (1956)

2,90 : The civil war in Budapest (1956). The insurrection masted by Russia. Nagy, ex-chief of the government, disappears without leaving any trace.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 90



The Turkish Revolution (1960)

1,94 : The Turkish Revolution, Menderes executed (1960).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 94



The crisis of Congo (1961)

3,13 : The political murder, in (Belgium) Congo, of the leader Patrice Lumumba and the international crisis that resulted (1961).

Centurie 3 Quatrain 13



The crisis of Cyprus (1963)

3,89 : The confrontations between Greek and Turkish Cypriots (1963). The Greek component of the island counts on the support of the mother homeland. Constantin disregards his brothers of blood. Wedding of the king with Anne-Marie of Denmark.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 89



The murder of John Kennedy (1963)

4,49 : Political murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The discovery, one day, of a plot having surrounded the crime. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 49



Constantin II, king of Greece (1964)

5,52 : The accession of Constantin II on the throne of Greece in 1964. His political clumsiness raise the laughter of the people so much so that he had to go into exile and renounce his crown in 1967.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 52



The Haitian Revolution (1965)

2,78 : Haiti and the Revolution of 1965. The intervention of USA.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 78



The Six Days war (1967)

3,22 : The Six-days war (June 5th to 10th, 1967) between Jews and Arabs. Its consequences on the relations between the two peoples.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 22



The advent of Sadate in Egypt (1970)

2,86 : Sadate follows Nasser in Egypt (1970). Jarring, representative to the Mideast at the UN.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 86



The drought of Ethiopia and the crisis of Cyprus (1973)

4,58 : The important drought suffered by Ethiopia in 1973 and 1974. Italy then lives dark hours and blood is spilled. The crisis of Cyprus to the same moment.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 58



Juan Carlos 1st on the throne of Spain (1975)

4,97 : A descendant of Henri IV of France called on the throne of Spain. This monarch's main characteristic would be to have been elected to his charge in a democratic system. Strong probability that it is about Juan Carlos 1st. His pacific reign. Contemporary events and to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 97



The rebellion of Mgr Lefebvre (1976)

3,17 : The rebellion of Eminence Marcel Lefebvre. The Vatican withdraws his bishop's privileges in 1976. His stubbornness to pursue his crusade.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 17



The great wave of terrorism in Italy (1978)

1,11: The beginning of terrorism in Italy (1978).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 11



The suspect death of Jean-Paul 1st (1978)

10,12 : The death of Jean-Paul 1st and the shade of suspicion on the circumstances of the pontiff's death.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 12



The election of pope Jean-Paul II (1978)

5,92 : The reign of Pius XI of a seventeen year length. His five successors, of which the last, Jean-Paul II, called to not to be too much compliant with tradition. The short reign of his predecessor.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 92



The Iranian Revolution (1979)

1,70 : The Iranian Revolution and the Shah's fall (1979)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 70



3,59 : Khomeyni and the shah's fall in 1979. The defense of the traditional Islamism, war-horse of the dictator and motive for multiple executions in Iran.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 59



3,77 : The alliance of 1727 between Persians (Iranians) and the Ottomans to resist the expansionist pressures of Russia. The Iranian Revolution of 1979. The shah's flight to Egypt. The bloody repression in Iran. The Iran-lrak war.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 77



3,78 : The Iranian Revolution of 1979. The American hostages taking at the US embassy of Tehran, November 4th. The ransom paid by USA. The intervention of leaders from all over the world for their liberation. The role of the duke of Edimbourg in the solution to the impasse.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 78



5,86 : The exile or the death of the great of Iran at the time of the Revolution of 1979. Major flooding in Belgium July 22, 1980.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 86



10,21 : In 1975, the shah announced the end of the multipartism and the formation of an unique party; in 1979. Supporters of the ayatollah force the shah to exile, and Khomeiny comes back triumphally in Tehran. It is then the world learned that the Shah was dying, and that the transfer of powers would have been imminent had not been the revolution.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 21



The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979)

3,90: Russian invasion of Afghanistan (1979). Iranian revolution and opening of hostilities Iran-lrak, The flight to Aléria (Corsica) of an Afghan army chief.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 90



The war Iran-Iraq (1980-1988)

1,55 : The Iran of Khomeyni and confrontations with Iraq (1980 -)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 55



Desert Storm (1991)

10,49 : The pursuit of Kurdish people by Saddam Hussein that yielded to the zone of flight interdiction in Iraq after the capitulation at the time of Operation Desert Storm.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 49



10,86: Either it is about the war of the Gulf, Desert Storm, if the Seer means Occident by "Europe", or the Iraqi regime will be besieged again, this time by Europe.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 86



Slaughtering of bovines because of the illness of the mad cow (1996)

9,74 The English government orders the slaughtering of bovine thousand in order to eradicate mad cow disease in 1996, whereas au same moment there is a record number of graves desacralised. André Malraux enters to the Pantheon November 23 of the same year. (to be reviewed).

Centurie 9 Quatrain 74



The conflict in Bosnia (1992)

10,82 : The 200 000 deaths of Bosnia, surroundings  sprinkled with tombs by Serbians. The last line would refer to the incredible murders by snipers, massacres that culminated with Sarajevo, whereas pretenses of retreat didn't materialize in actual retreats until heavy aerial bombardments.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 82



The creation of the G-8 and the fall of the Asian markets (in 1997)

4,50 : The supremacy of the United States as the only super power. The guaranteed security of the Asian markets until the Group of the Seven is modified into the G-8.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 50



The Monica Lewinski affair

8,14 : The US president is impeached for lying about having an affair at the White House (and possibly the Democrat social sell-out).

Centurie 8 Quatrain 14



The conflict to the Kosovo (1999)

10,1 : The drama that was played in ex-Yugoslavia in 1999, with exaction of the ethnic cleaning in Kosovo of which Slobodan Milosevitch was the craftsman.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 1



Engagement of China on the nuclear test ban during a long awaited visit of Zian Zemin in France

10,72 : In 1999 between the mid-October and the mid-November, Jhiang Zémin visit, renews ties with France, and announce the agreement of China on the understanding of nuclear test ban.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 72



End of the 20th Century

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