History in the quatrains of Nostradamus 
according to the conclusions of the authors of the JCL Editions books used 
(i.e. Jean Guernon & Michel Dufresne - JCL Copyright) 

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Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)

3,61: The armies of Christendom gather on borders of the lrak. Syria observes with an interested eye. Events of 1991.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 61



The future

Proliferation of religious sects

1,45 : The advent & the multiplying of religious sects (1960- )

Centurie 1 Quatrain 45



1,96 : The religious sects proliferation and their repression (1960-)

enturie 1 Quatrain 96



3,76 : The birth in Germany of polytheistic religious sects recognized for their meetings in small number, their complete submissiveness to their pastors, and their recourse to the old tithe to assure the physical survival of temples. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 76



Advent in islands British of an oppressive queen

4,96 : The British islands give themselves a queen of 15 years the eldest of her young brother. A possibility: Anne, daughter of Elisabeth II. Her reign marked by iniquity. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 96



The satanic practices and superstitions resurface

1,42 : Satanic rituals and superstitions (1679 1752 or year to come, 2051?)

Centurie 1 Quatrain 42



Twelve cardinals in revolt against the pope

4,11 : A pope forced to execute low tasks. Twelve cardinals in open revolt. A crime committed to conceal another. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 11



6,22 : A pope's election to come provokes a schism within the church of Rome. The nephew of this pontiff murdered in England. The Catholic population demonstrates for peace in the world.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 22



Diplomatic meeting between the Vatican and France

8,4 : Meeting in Monaco between the pope's legate, a cardinal, and a dignitary of France. Disappointment of the pope and the chief of the French nation with the conclusions of the Summit. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 4



Death of an eminent man of the church of France

8,5 : Death of an eminent character of the church of France. The East of the country in agitation. The Swiss canton of Lucerne knows deep religious order distresses. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 5



Persecutions against the church of Rome

2,10 : The persecutions against the Catholic church and against prophets in general. Events to come

Centurie 2 Quatrain 10



5,43 : The religious persecution to come. France, Italy and Germany at the center of the matter. The responsibility of the city of Mainz (i.e. Mayence in French) in this affair.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 43




5,44 : A cardinal of the Catholic church captured at sea. That gesture threatens peace. The pope forced to double the guards of the Vatican to assure his protection. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 44



5,83 : Plots against the church of Rome. The most closely concerned prejudiced three days in advance. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 83




8,98 : A vast persecution undertaken against priests from Roman catholic Church. Its faithful servants put to death in the longest settling of accounts in history. The spilled blood becomes symbol of expiation. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 98




8,99 : The Vatican deserted by the pope and by the curia. The Holy See gets resettled, probably to a  place corresponding to Avignon. The role played by three powerful characters in the safeguard of the Christian tradition. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 99




10,30 : A pope whose soft politics is associated to the green color along with his nephew will be chased a way out of the Vatican without having the leisure to carry anything with him, probably toward Avignon, as indicated by other quatrains which speak of this the nephew murdered in the valley of the Rhone (5,17) or else the one killed in England (6,82). The pope would then take war colors the red & black, the green standing for peace and the red and the black being associated with the revolt.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 30




10,31 : The Roman curia would travel to and live, for a time, in Germany, following a repression without precedent in the South of France at the time of his establishment in Avignon. The attack, by the invader, of the temporary Holy See in Provence, from which he will have fled, and the blowing up of everything. Indication of nostalgia for Afghanistan by the leaders of the army that pursues the curia.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 31



Papal Elections

5,46 : Election to a pope's Holy See coming from the ancient Italian region populated by the Sabinses. His accession at the head of the Vatican provokes the revolt of several cardinals. The role of an Albanian in these events of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 46




5,77 : The church of Rome submitted to important disruptions in its curia by a great reformer. Intervention of a monarch of France to support him and thus make him invincible. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 77



6,26 : The advent of a pope that must only reign four years. His successor recognized for his doubtful mores. The support that would be given to him by the cities of Ravenna, of Pisa and Verona. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 26



6,82 : The murder in England, of the nephew of a sovereign pontiff. The murder would be ordered by certain elements of the Roman curia aspiring to higher functions. Event to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 82



6,86 : An archbishop of Sense promised to a bright future by reason of a dream badly interpreted by one of his colleagues. A monk of humble descent from French Gascogne responsible for the mistake. Event to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 86



8,19 : Major schism within the church of Rome. Murder of the family members of the pope by cardinals in revolt. The Roman curia divided in two clans. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 19



8,20 : Continuation of the previous quatrain in that this crisis of the church that will follow a pope's controversial election. The schism decreases the pope's influence within the Christendom. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 20



8,93 : The election of a pope whose mandate would not exceed seven months. His death provokes a schism without precedent. The reign of his successor of an equivalent length. The return to the peace and calmness then wanted by the population of Venice. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 93




Religious persecutions in Spain

8,78 : Advent in Spain of a military and religious chief. His passage causes chaos within the church of the country by encouraging heresy and tacitly allowing the wreckage of temples. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 78



Rediscovery, after 500 years, of writings of value

3,94 : Rediscovery, 500 years later, of works forgotten of an eminent researcher. Great satisfaction for humanity. Possibility that it is about Nostradamus himself. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 94




Emergence of a great Libyan philosopher

3,27 : Emergence of a Libyan philosopher whose works would know a vogue without precedent in France. Event to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 27



Discovered in the soil of a white clay

1,21 : The discovery of a type of white clay in the soil. Event to come.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 21



Daughters murdered in place of their mother

4,71 : Daughters of the same family put to death by drowning, in place of their mother. Suicide of the later by reason of the remorse. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 71




6,50 : Discovery of bones at the bottom of a well and accusations charged against the mother of the victims. A country sees his leaders confining themselves to an escalation of self praises and honors. Spectacular conjunction of the planets Mars and Jupiter at the same moment. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 50




An immigrant gives up the name of his forebears

8,79 : To have his past and one of his forebears forgotten , a character of noble lineage, welcomed in a foreign soil, brings a stern attack to the prestige of his race. Events to come as for the discovery of his ancestral filiation.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 79




Elevation in temperature of the waters of the Black sea

2,3 : Elevation of temperature of the waters of the Aegean sea or the Black Sea. Event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 3




Drying out of an important lake (48th parallel)

5,98 : Drying out of a lake located at the 48th degree of latitude (Superior lake in Canada?). The Béarn and the Bigorre regions (France) submitted to great tribulations at the same moment. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 98




Simultaneous Fire in two buildings

2,35: The major fire in two dwellings and the death of most occupants. Event to come (2002?)

Centurie 2 Quatrain 35




Artificial rain created

6,44: Artificial rain created from data gotten from a maritime war . The city of Nantes at the heart of the experience. Maritime disaster in Red sea or in sea of Oman. The birth of a monster stemming from a crossing against nature. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 44




Cataclysm in the French Gers

1,46 : Cataclysm in Gers, France. Future event.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 46




Important earthquake (May 3755)

10,67 : An important earthquake will occur in May 3755 as it will hail hailstones as big as eggs with the very rare astrological configuration described in this quatrain.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 67



Phenomenal drought in the center of Italy

2,84: A phenomenal drought in the center of Italy. Event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 84



4,53: Important drinking water shortage, probably in Italy. Guards of the only available reservoir put to death. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 53



Important drought in Georgia (ex-U.R.S.S.)

6,35 : An important drought to come in the old soviet Georgia between the months of March and September. Next possibilities: July-August 2002, September to November 2026 and March to May 2027.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 35




A rain of horseflies and grasshoppers ravages Italy

4,48 : The fourth and the eighth wounds of Egypt will repeat themselves in Italy. Clouds of horseflies and grasshoppers to ravage the heart of the country. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 48



Major flooding in the South of France, in Italy and in Spain (Toulouse and Bordeaux destroyed)

2,17 : Flooding in Italy and in the south of France. An important character recovered in a trunk. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 17



3,12 : Major flooding in the South of France of France as well as in Italy and in Spain. Nearly total destruction of the French cities of Toulouse and Bordeaux. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 12



9,37 : The flooding catastrophic of the Garonne destroying Toulouse. Cataclysms to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 37




10,6 : A flooding will be thought of as a deluge. People of Nîmes find shelter in a Coliseum, while at the same time a lamp rekindles in Rome in the temple of Vestal virgins referred to in several quatrains. Events to come.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 6




10,50 : The important flooding in Lorraine after a treason of agreements that would be the prelude to an attack on Greece that will also mark the betrayal of an international agreement. Events of the future.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 50




Flooding in the north of Italy

2,33 : Flooding in the north of the Italy and wreckage (of the Heraklion) in the Aegean sea (1966) or event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 33



2,43 : Flooding in Italy, provoked by the overflow of the Pô and the Tiber. A comet observed at the same time and an earthquake is felt as well. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 43




9,84 : Flooding in Italy, of such a violence that the tomb of great Roman would be reopened possibly brought about by the earthquake of the preceding quatrain and that would push the head of state, thus identified with the Antichrist by the signs predicted in the letter to Henri II, to finish the hecatomb that he will have started to undertake. Event of the future.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 84



Flooding in Naples

2,31 : An important flooding in Naples and in its surroundings Event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 31



8,16 : Major deluge, from the southern tip of Italy to Florence's confines. The importance of the ancient Sicilian city of Syracuse in this cataclysmic. Event to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 16



Epidemic in Greece, in Macedonia and in Venice

9,91 : Epidemic of an unknown illness, whose symptoms are like the gout, ravaging Greece and the surrounding islands, as well as Macedonia and Venice. Event to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 91



Immigration of people of Greece and Macedonia in Provence

9,75 : Peoples coming from the regions of Greece and Macedonia that will be forced to emigrate in France because of a tragedy coming from the sea that will render their country inhospitable. The indelible traces of their cultural print, that will remain engraved forever in Provence. Event to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 75




Earthquake in Mortara and the flooding in England

9,31 : Flooding of banks of the Channel St-George in England and earthquake in Mortara one day of Easter, and flooding of temples in Toulouse or Rome at the same moment, to the verge of one of the four wars to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 31



A rigorous and unforeseen winter destroys harvests

4,33 : A particularly precocious and rigorous winter destroys harvests in a country where the event would be rather quite unforeseeable by reason of its moderate climate. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 33




A wave of cold weather in the region of the Garonne

8,35 : The French region of the Garonne touched by a wave of cold weather without precedent by reason of scientific experiences attempted elsewhere in the country to exercise a control on the climatic conditions. Event of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 35



Birth of an exceptional child in Italy (family having already counted a pope)

1,95: The birth of an exceptional child from a family having possibly counted a pope (the Borgias, XVI th century?).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 95




A great famine touches Spain

8,50 : A great famine reaches Spain. An important character of Tunisia put to death by an emissary with a doubtful past. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 50



Birth of a malformed called to high functions

3,41 : Birth of a malformed that will be called to occupy some important functions. His treason. Events of the future.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 41




An imposing character from Orient visits

2,29 : An Oriental in visit in Italy and in France. The character's peregrinations. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 29




4,31 : Emergence of a new wise man called to know a great fame. His likely origin: Tibet. At the same moment would occur an important massacre. Event to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 31




5,75 : The advent of a great thinker, in Orient, identifiable to the symbol of the square and the twisted stick that he would hold in his left hand. His noticed silence before certain events.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 75




5,76 : A future leader associated with his disdain for the big cities, and to his tendency to want to erase traces of his frequent passage through places. His visits notably noticed in the south of France. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 76




10,75 : One of messiahs the return of whom is so much awaited by humanity (Mohammed?) won't come back on earth, but a character, probably of Egyptian origin, will impose himself instead, and will acquire an influence and a considerable power over the Orient.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 75



Execution of a political prisoner

8,45 : The attempt on the life of a great character kept under narrow surveillance. His execution delayed by a message transmitted to his jailers. His death, in a temple, during the Easter feasts of a non-specified year. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 45




Murderous persecutions in Great Britain

2,51 : Murderous persecutions and social injustices in England. Events to come (2018, 2366 or 2666)?

Centurie 2 Quatrain 51



An individual buried alive by mistake

3,36 : An individual, victim of an apoplexy crisis, buried alive and of whom exhumation of the body would reveal that he would have gnawed his very hands to delay his ineluctable end. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 36




A great monarch healed by an impostor

6,18 : A monarch, seriously sick and abandoned to his fate by his physicians, extricates himself of this state by the intervention of an impostor. The reign of the miraculously healed one branded as glorious. Heaven temporarily encourages an enemy of Christendom. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 18



Discovery of the tomb from a triumvirate of the past

5,7 : The discovery of the tomb from a triumvirate of the past just as researches would be centered on the unearthing of a mysterious treasure. The event celebrated by the setting up of a commemorative statue. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 7



Fall of a public building

6,51 : A spectacle unites monarchs and princes around a numerous crowd. Downfall of the building where would take place the activity. The king of the nation stewardess saved by reason of a delay of thirty minutes on the foreseen timetable. Good possibility that it was about opening or closing ceremonies of Olympics to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 51



Prisoners tear up  between themselves

8,63 : An adulterous man kills, under the ascendancy of anger, a woman and her son. Eight individuals jailed at the same place tear themselves apart non-stop during their incarceration. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 63



Death of a tyrant

2,42 : The death of a tyrant, legs and arms broken. Event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 42




4,55 : A statue tinted of blood and a crow  crowingduring seven hours; gloomy omens announcing the murder of a tyrant and a people's desolation. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 55



Death of a great leader

10,56 : The death of a great leader after an shameful decay whereas the British I sles could not impose their will anymore to the government of Tunisia.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 56



Murder of a French prince

10,35 : A youngest son prince, burning of desire for his first cousin, is murdered when he visits a mausoleum, while dressed as a woman. Event to come.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 35



A great French prelate forced to exile

6,53 : A great French prelate, becoming suspected, is forced to leave the country furtively. The intervention an artful character from Britain makes his flight possible. Turkey, the island of Cyprus and Tunisia participate in an unhappy event without anyone even that suspecting their intervention. Events of the future.


Centurie 6 Quatrain 53



A treasure exhumed in Toulouse

8,30 : The discovery of an imposing treasure in swamps of Toulouse just as they  would get ready to construct a building there for spectacles of great magnitude. Event of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 30



Discovery of a treasure in Aquitaine

1,27: The discovery of a treasure in Aquitaine. Future event.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 27



Some old account books found in Rome

8,29 : The discovery under one of columns of the temple of Saturn, in Rome, of the old account books of the Treasure of the Republic, following a follow-up earthquake after an important flooding. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 29



Another treasure discovered in Rome

5,66 : The discovery an archeological treasure of precious metals and ancient objects dedicated to Trajan under ruins of the old temple of Vesta, in Rome. Event to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 66




8,66 : The discovery of a precious manuscript relating to the cult of the dead under the Roman empire, in an underground shelter containing amongst other things, an ardent lamp. An Italian monarch and a prince of his house see the sacred rights of their population ridiculed. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 66




9,9 : The discovery of an old temple in Rome and a child's presence that will have found death there. General breakdown of electrical power at the same moment in all the South of France provoked by floods.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 9



Discovery of a treasure by a potter in Rome

9,12 : The discovery of a treasure of old currency or else of statues, and other artifacts, by a potter searching for clay for his art, in a lake not specified close to Rome.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 12



Discovered of manuscripts of Caton the elder

8,26 : The discovery in Barcelona of writings assigned to Caton the elder. The quarrel between the abbey of Montferrat and the city of Pampelune for the possession of the precious document. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 26



Two nations touched by the indigence

1,28 : Two nations touched by destitution. Future event.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 28



Devaluation nearly worldwide of the monetary currencies

2,75 : The monetary markets fall and an universal famine occurs. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 75




3,5 : The nearly total world devaluation of the monetary markets. Two nations come to the rescue of the most resourceless. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 5



5,72 : Sensuality under all its guises provokes a reduction of religious devotion. Islam takes shadiness of this. At the same moment occurs a serious international monetary crisis. Events of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 72




8,17 : The very wealthy of the planet impoverished by the fall of the rich country currencies. Three characters at the origin of the vast stir. England, France and Italy at the heart of the premises of a future world conflict.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 17




8,28 : The world devaluation and destruction of the paper money in circulation following a vast fraud. Failure to respect an understandings established concerning the payments of debts accumulated by certain nations. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 28



A case of poisoning

7,42 : The failure of a tentative of poisoning of two foreigners. The cook's role in the discovery of the plot. Events to come.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 42



A fire ravages a big region

6,97 : A vast fire ravages a region of the globe located at the 45th degree of North latitude. Eventually, the fire propagates itself to a big city. Research will be ongoing there in order to demonstrate the historic presence of the Vikings in this part of the world , shortly before. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 97



Political execution of a father and his son

8,75 : The political execution of a father and his son just as the pregnant wife of the first character would be at Tours. The person responsible of this condemnation then himself hiding in a resting place. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 75



Abduction of a minor in Tuscany or Saragosse

9,65 : The abduction from a politically meaningful family; by the father or the guardian, of minor children, to Luna in Tuscany, or to Luna located in Spain, North of Saragossa. These are discovered by some indications from one of children. Event to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 65



Diversion of a family and funds into a temple by the westerners

10,81 : Western citizens, on the run, hide considerable holdings and some overwhelming evidences, inside a burial vault. These are discovered and arrested, the goods recovered, and the victim identified.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 81



Murder attempt against a prominent character of Genoa

5,28: An assassination attempt against an important character of the Italian city of Genoa, committed by three members of a revolutionary organization. Event to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 28



Political murder to Poitiers

8,24 : An important character of Perpignan  clubbedclose to the French city of Poitiers where he would have found shelter. An individual claiming to be from the old lineage of the Lusignans at the heart of the matter. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 24



International terrorism becomes permanent

5,65: International terrorism becomes permanent. A great lady disappears in mysterious circumstances. Leaders of the world gradually revolt against this crime of international proportion. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 65



7,37: Ten mercenaries sent to murder the commander of a fleet. The discovery of the plot provokes panic in the rank of thugs and almost triggers the failure of the enterprise. The road stead of Toulon and the squadron there at anchor are suddenly plunged in the most total darkness.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 37



Adoption of hedonism as a way of life

8,27 : The inviting way of hedonism put forth everywhere, reaches the French Var. Meanwhile, others praise the ancient values of  knighthood. Advent of a comparable emperor to his great predecessors. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 27



The discovery of a permanent solution to the world economic problems

4,30 : The world eleven economic recessions foreseen by the magus. An economist of genius eventually finds a definitive solution to this cyclic problem. Events at the same time of the past and of the future.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 30



Radical climatic change in the Arctic

6,5 : Radical change of climate in the Arctic. A place designated by "Samathobryn " ( Samoyedes territories IMO) at the center of the cataclysm. The region then deprived of any form of government. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 5



A great deluge floods the planet

8,91 : An imposing gathering of soldiers in the French region of the Bouche-du-Rhone. Their association with the ancient crusaders. An universal deluge hits a great number of countries. Next possibility: April and May 2009.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 91



A phenomenon of haunted house

7,41: Manifestations from beyond the grave inside a property stayed a long time uninhabited for this reason. The exhumation of the victim's bones puts an end to the acting up. Events of the future.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 40



House pets to communicate with man

3,44 : House pets finally communicate with man. Life then possible outside the planet. A new tyrant sows terror. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 44



Theological confrontation between Islam and Christendom

5,53 : Theological confrontation on the gift of prophecy between Islam and the Christendom. General disinterest of the populations about the issue of the debate. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 53



5,73 : The church of Rome persecuted and the despoiling of its possessions. Loss of interest of the mothers for their children. Poles allied to Arabs in a war of religion to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 73



7,36 : Christendom gives up certain foundations of its faith. The role played in this turn of events by seven characters from Istanbul. Religious persecutions undertaken by them and by their disciples. The Roman curia chased. Events to come.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 36



Advent of the three great Antichrists

8,77 : The three great Antichrists of humanity. The four conflicts caused by as many characters before the occurrence of these three.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 77



Exaction and origin of the Antichrists

9,17 : The first Antichrist, that will re-erect crematory ovens, will also spill the blood of a very important number of people, of which several of very great value, during the war that he will impose to humanity.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 17



9,44 : Evacuation of the city of Geneva and at the time of the intervention of an exterminator, or of the utilization of a terrifying weapon, at the moment of a change of Saturn. Signs precursors of the event. Event of the future.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 44



10,10 : The Antichrist that will come from a lineage of butchers and rapists leaders , from generation to generation, springing up from the ancestral roots.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 10



10,57 : The ascension of the Antichrist to power while kidnapping a Dauphin, possibly at the time of a king's death. He would not tolerate that the survivors of the populations he would have eliminated to carry mourning clothes. Event to come.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 57




10,65 : An Antichrist, probably the second, that brings by the publication of edicts cruel,  the murder of a great part of the clergy of the Catholic church.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 65



10,66 : The chief of the government of Canada that would make harvests freeze off the island of Nova Scotia because of a secessionist leader, a precursor of the third Antichrist, that will briefly appear before him, and will provoke a generalized revolt that will likely deteriorate into major conflict.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 66




10,70 : A provincial leader launches an object to a king that makes his eye swell which in turn will render him so furious that he will enact the utilization of a meteorological weapon against this deputy's territory to make him bend, which will bring the loss of harvests, and make the rebellious culprit succumb .

Centurie 10 Quatrain 70



The one thousand years of Peace following the last war of the last Antichrist

8,95 : Satan chained for a thousand years according to the tradition of the apocalypse of Jean's. The church of Rome at last reunited under its chief. The return to traditional values brings back the clergy and supporters in the great bosom of Faith. Events of the far future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 95




9,66 : The one thousand year of Peace following the Antichrist's last war. The importance of the child role for the absolute social harmony. Event to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 66




10,99 : At the time of the thousand years of peace, whereas man will have learned to survive in an environment that won't support the rearing for feeding or companionship with animals anymore, but in which wild life will be preserved, and where deer live as free as wolves as Isaïah predicted .

The one before last so-called prophet

2,28 : The very one before last that will be branded prophet that humanity would get to know before Christ's return on earth. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 28



Resurrection of the dead and Christ's second advent

2,13 : Christ's return on earth and the resurrection of dead. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 13



3,2 : Man finally reaches immortality of the body, at the image of (spiritual) creatures of superior order.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 2



10,74 : Not far from the year 3000, some seasonal games are instituted and the buried come out of their tomb (if it is not strictly part of a ritual to come of these "hecatomb games" to come one day) either as part of what is branded the last judgment in the bible, or because of scientific progress.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 74



The achievement of writings of Nostradamus

1,48 : The achievement of the totality of the prophecies of Nostradamus on a period spreading over a little more than two thousand years (1555 - 3797) and the announcement of possibly another cycle after the end of the actual cycle of 7000 years which will give us an assessed duration of a length of a little less than 5 000 years after 3797 (7000+1554 (20 years passed the beginning of the then moon cycle)=8554).

Centurie 1 Quatrain 48



Wars of the future (20?? - 2???)

The two great wars to come (the third WW and the one(s) with the antichrists

1,15 : The 70 wars to be known before the fall of the Catholic church( 68 [in fact 67!?] wars that occurred between 1560 and 2000 - there would remain [in fact three] of them) - to be reassess. Event to come.

Centurie 1 Quatrain 15



Britain and its last military intervention (2004?)

3,57 : The 290 years of war of Britain counting from the accession to the throne of the first representative of the House of Hanover (1714). The treaty of Utrecht and its effects on Poland. The last military intervention of importance of the United Kingdom, in the year 2004.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 57



6,27 : The British Isles, implied in a future world conflict, that will see the confrontation between Islam and the West. The fog, characteristic to British islands, prevents invasion of their soil. Event of the future. Next possibility: the year 2004.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 27



Fall of the soviet socialist regime (1991) follow-up by an important change with Islam

3,95: The fall of the socialist regime in USSR (1991). Announcement, for the future, of major changes to occur inside the Islamic regions. Possible supremacy of the American capitalistic system.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 95



Military alliance of two great Powers

2,89 : Alliance between two great nations that could very well be the ex-U.S.S.R. and the U.S. of A. Unity of political thought. Contemporary event.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 89



6,20 : The military and economic alliance between the ex-U.R.S.S. and the United States of America. Deep mutations in the population of the old empire. Massive emigration of inhabitants. Advent in Italy of a leader possibly recognized for his high facts. Contemporary events, and to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 20




 6,21 : A alliance concluded between the ex-U.R.S.S. and the United States of America brings China to fear for its autonomy. The Orient discovers itself a new leader. A war bloodies the island of Rhodes, Turkey and several countries of Islam. Events of the future.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 21



Emergence in Islam of a leader who will unify Asia and the Middle East

3,60: Emergence of an important character that succeeds in uniting Asia and the Middle East in a common cause whose doctrine would feed itself from the blood of its own adepts. Possibly the Antichrist of the future.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 60



5,47 : A great leader imposes himself at the head of the united Moslem nations. The treason of the Turks against him. The Greek and Hungarian armies work against his troops. War of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 47




5,55 : Birth, in the Moslem world, of a man called to occupy high functions. An armed aggression against Spain and North Italy led by this possible leader.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 55



5,69 : A great character perishes in his sleep during a fire. His disappearance brings back peace for a time. Emergence of a military chief identified with the colors gold, blue and red, and his conquest of Africa. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 69




8,70: A future messiah of Islam, originating from Iran, invades Iraq. The tyranny experienced by this conquered country. The physical look of the conqueror generally associated to black.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 70



Political murder in Italy

8,47 : The execution of a member of an Italian family at the hands of an individual pretending to wisdom. Some conspirators shut in in Peruse and the role of the Trasimene lake as a particular symbol of the facts evoked. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 47



8,94 : An Italian revolution provokes the murder of an important character in the country (possibly the pope of the previous quatrain). The defeat of his troops, and of those of the Spaniards sent to bring their support, imputed to the delay on taking the important decision of the reaction to it. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 94



Religious revolution in Islam

4,43 : The religious revolution, possibly in Islam, at the same moment of a major military confrontation. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 43



6,33 : A future leader of Iran takes it out on Iraq where he undertakes a bloody drench. His name associated to the old divinity Roman Alus. The character recognized for his stern look and for his irate character.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 33



Attack on Jerusalem by Iraq

8,96 : Jews chased out of Jerusalem by the armies of Iraq. The aggressors identified to descendants of the Hebrews brought in captivity to Babylon in the VI th century before Christ. The absence of real leader within this nation as the very basis of this new decay. Events to come.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 96



The use of some biological agent in food

9,14 : The use of a biological agent camouflaged in the food brings a pestilence that contaminates France and especially drags in the death of seven children in Bordeaux before being confirmed.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 14



Epidemics on the year prior to the preparation to a war

9,55 : The preparation of war by the follow-up west by an exceptional epidemic, possibly attributable to the utilization of a bacteriological weapon by the enemy concerned. Event of the future.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 55



Possible Atlantic Alliance intervention in Spain (Basque conflict ?)

10,96 : The Basques Sect (wind of sea), or of an another group with a sea related name (new one?) will face an oppressor.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 96



The Holy War (Jihad) of Islam led in Greece, in Italy and in France

3,54 : Emergence of a great military leader from south of Europe. His war led in Greece, in Italy and in France against the armies of Islam and the ultimate defeat of these troops at the hands of troops sent from the west. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 54




3,64: An Iranian appropriation of oil transportation and naval battles resulting.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 64



4,39 : The island of Rhodes threatened by a Moslem invasion. The west intervenes but the aggressor straightens the matter in his favor. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 39



4,67 : The world war that puts to grips Islam versus the remainder of the planet. A city entirely destroyed by nuclear engines. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 67



4,68 : Islam triggers its war against the West. Its two main leaders are perceived as originating from a region watered by the Rhine and by the Danube. Their meeting in the immediate vicinity of Greece. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 68



4,85 : The war of the future that witnesses the confrontation of the west and Islam. A famine comes with the confrontation. A particular prisoner transported in a van. An individual eclipses another. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 85


5,11 : A holy war provoked by Islam led against West Europe and the West in general . Moslem Asia allied with the aggressor. The Mediterranean become dangerous for navigation. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 11



5,13 : The armies of Islam occupy Europe, from Hungary to Spain. Military alliance of no precedence of different nation ns belonging to this faith. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 13



5,14: War of Islam led in Europe. The end of the conflict and the capture, by the west of a Libyan chief in part responsible of atrocities. Possibilities for the next 50 years: 2008, 2036 or 2038.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 14



5,24 : The war of the future that will put in presence Islam in general against Christendom. Right from the beginning of the conflict, Islam imposes its domination. Events to come probably related to the three previous quatrains.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 24



5,25 : The beginning of this war of the future between the Islam and the Christendom, at the earliest by August 2006. The church of Rome toughly bruised by the conflict. Iran (or Iraq?) deploys at this moment a million of troops.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 25



5,27 : Iran invades Turkey. The bloody confrontations occurs in the Black sea. Egypt and Greece fear for their security. Great Arabian blood effusion at the conclusion of this war of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 27



5,48 : The fall of the Iran shah in 1979 preludes a war to come between the Islam and the west. Aggression by the Moslem of Africa against Hungary.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 48




5,58 : The city of Nîmes becomes an important military center during the third world war. The military chief of this base of operation injured during a confrontation with the enemy in the Mediterranean.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 58



5,59 : A chief of army by the name "Aenobarbe" intervenes in Spain to chase out the Moslem invader. During this time, the English are in Nîmes. Fall of a meteoroid or a comet in Artois or use of missiles by the enemy. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 59



5,63 : Ships along of the Italian coasts. A war, been born of contrary ideologies, generates important massacres in the peninsula. Wounds cover the body of survivors. Holocaust, possibly nuclear, to come between Moslems and Christians.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 63



5,64 : The coast being located between Genoa and Nicea attacked militarily at the time of the end of the traditional vacations of commuters. The leaders made so unsuspecting that the threat felt provokes a delay of anticipated reinforcements. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 64



5,68 : A war led in central Europe and in France by a military chief designated with the epithet "The great camel". His defeat close to the Alps at the hands of a great French general. Events of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 68



5,78 : Either the alliance concluded in 1987 between the ex-USSR and the United States of America, or when relations really normalize, ends in the year 2000, or else 13 after the true normalization. The two nations undergo heavy losses in the course of a military conflict that oppose them to the Arabian world. Intervention of the Vatican to limit the damages.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 78



6,81 : Human massacres in Switzerland, in the British Islands and Genoa perpetrated by an army chief qualified as inhuman and blood thirsty. Several other countries also invaded by this conqueror of the future.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 81



6,98 : The region of the French Vaucluse attacked militarily. Temples of Avignon desecrated. Human massacres of no precedence in this region that waters the Rhone and the Durance. Events of the future.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 98



6,99 : Troops of invasion in France blocked below the Pyrenees and the Alps. The confusion of the chief of the armies of occupation . Discovery, at that moment, of an important archaeological site within one of these mountain chains. Events to come.

Centurie 6 Quatrain 99



7,7 : Invasion of Greece by Albania and by its Moslem allies. Numerous massacres within the population in general. Next possibility: The summer of 2023.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 7



8,64 : Invasion of the western part of Europe. The children shipped massively to the  British islands in order to insure their security. Good probability that it was about facts that have to do with the future world conflict that see the confrontation between the nations of Islam and the west.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 1




9,16 : A high character assembly that will be held at Castel-Franco having for object a peace treaty which the official representatives of the nation in litigation, little minded for compromise, will refuse to ratify. This state of thing will bring a blockade that will prevent the Italian and the French to have access to the Gulf of the Adriatic. Event to come.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 16



9,62 : Prisoners, possibly maintained under the ascendancy of opiates, brought to Salon at the time of a temporary defeat of the Great Monarch, of which the third would be freed thanks to a separation between the factions of the invaders, which will take place, lasting the whole month of October at the time of the next world conflict (or at another moment with one of the other French liberators during one of the subsequent wars against one of the Antichrists).

Centurie 9 Quatrain 62




9,67 : The gathering of Christian forces in the regions of the Isère and the Drôme to counter the Moslem invader, probably in support of the pope in Avignon.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 67




9,85 : The beginning of the Moslem invasion in a war of the future, and the mobilization of inhabitants of the South of France, of Marseilles, of Lyons, of the Guyenne, and of the Languedoc, that flock to the rescue of their Monarch and their Faith, to a location close to Saint-Paul-of-Mausole, a famous monastery of Saint-Rémy-of-Provence, where a conflict will be raging.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 85




10,92 : A child killed directly before his father in Geneva whereas the chief of the city is dismembered. Could be terrorists, or some exaction of occupant armies or, although less obvious, a metaphor for Calvin's epic.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 92



Condition of the woman in territory occupied by Islam

10,98: The condition that will be imposed to the European girls under Islamic law, the Islamic constraints of the excision, the mentality of harem, their low statute leading to debauchery and predatory merchants, according to the occupant's new law, so they'll becomes odious. One of the rare quatrains that speaks of the young women's life conditions under the future occupation, and possibly the generalized crossbreeding that would occur.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 98



Murder attempt on a pope close to Baghdad

2,97 : Murder attempt on the pope in the vicinities of the old city of Babylon, in Iraq. Event to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 97



5,15 : A pope of Rome made captive during a journey to Baghdad. An unfit substitute named to his succession. The tragic end of this last character. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 15



Emergence of three great leaders in France

8,46 : The three great leaders who France would eventually know. Emergence of a catastrophic war shortly after their coming on the scene. The murder of the pope of the moment in the valley of the Rhone. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 46




8,97 : The birth of three predestined children on the French Riviera. The country very close to a crisis just as these would reach their majority. Fall of the government and return of several important characters just as these three sons would affirm their authority. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 97




Emergence of a great Leader in Spain

10,95 : A great king, of Spaniard origin, imposes hardships to the troops of Islam, possibly the Great Chiren or the great monarch since he also frees the seas from the Moslem invader during the next world conflict.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 95



Murderous war at the beginning of a millennium

2,46 : Louis XIV and the war of Succession of Spain (1701-14) or the Third world War, occurring at the beginning of a millennium.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 46



Defeat of America at the opening of hostilities

8,10 : The defeat of America during beginning of the next world conflict. Likely use of atomic weapons during this lightning victory of Islam. Switzerland hit by an epidemic of unknown type. Events of the future.

Centurie 8 Quatrain 10



Iran invades Macedonia and the noon of France

2,96 : Iran invades Macedonia. France attacked on the south front. Events to come.

Centurie 2 Quatrain 96




5,62: France attacked by the south just as Italy would have been defeated. Spain threatened at the same moment. The control of seas passes into the hands of the Moslem invader. Events of the future.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 62



5,71 : Some leaders of France gathered on seventeen ships by Bouche-du-Rhone. The impatience demonstrated at sea with their troops by the wait imposed by the slowness of orders as well as by the low level of water of the Rhone. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 71



7,19 : The city of Nice destroyed by a weapon associated to its sheen metal. The aggression makes the object of commentaries and analyses by the numerous victims within the tourist clientele of the region. Events to come.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 19



7,21 : The occupied French Vaucluse. A plot fomented against the government's chief. The tense relations between this department and its neighbors. Good probability that it was about a page of this war of the future that will oppose Islam to Christendom.

Centurie 7 Quatrain 21



9,10 : Two monks that would have a child who would be killed by a wild beast after have been removed by a glass maker while armies attack regions located to the South West of France, in the future, or the past if hidden in the secret files of the Vatican. Or possible veiled evocation of events of 1845, with the discoveries by Verrier concerning Uranus and archaeological discoveries of that moment at the beginning of the end of the reign of Louis-Philippe the 1st and the crisis of 1847.

Centurie 9 Quatrain 10




10,58 : France vacillates even though the great Monarch, artful, will fight the young chief of war related to the Libyan "Emathian", at the time of a period of mourning. The Vatican in peril at the same moment whereas Marseilles is attacked by the forces of Islam, in direct provocation to talks started by the remainder of the West.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 58



10,59 : Presumably a counter-offensive of a light contingent, composed of 25 men from Lyon, of which 5 would not be French, possibly UN experts, accompanying a character of the royal family of the Great Monarch at the time of the establishment of his general Head Quarters in this region.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 59




10,60 : An attack, by a nuclear weapon, or with a weapon of the future, which provokes tsunamis (kind of hurricanes) in all the region of the black sea and all the region of the Mediterranean Sea between the Black sea and the coasts of the Northern Italy and the South of France.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 60



10,61 : A conspiracy orchestrated by various people from Greece and from some cities of Austria, Russia and central Asia, aimed at delivering Hungary into the forces of Islam. The plot would be uncovered by intelligence bureau located close to the Marne. Event to come.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 61




10,94 : One of the invaders of France that, in opposition with a United Nation resolution, exert reprisals, against farmers of Nîmes, Arles and Vienna, in Provence, of a violence such that only six would survive to testify of the attack, after having escaped disguised as monk (or most probably in the traditional north African Arab cloak).

Centurie 10 Quatrain 94



Hungary and Serbia occupied by the invader

10,62 : Hungary threatened all over again by Turkey (conquered already?), from Serbia, whereas Budapest alerts the West, in vain, as this country would find itself again soon under the boot of invaders that will impose the Islamic law.

Centurie 10 Quatrain 62



A monarch ousted from his throne

3,47 : A monarch, ousted from his throne, constrained to seek shelter in the Greek island of Lesbos. His previous tentative to find support in Orient. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 47



Seven hundred hostages of which fifteen are executed

3,48 : Seven hundred convicts, of which half are designated by fate to be executed. Disappointment because of some help coming too late since these fifteen among them would already have been executed. Events probably to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 48



Invasion of Italy by Islam

3,43 : Invasion of the Italy by the Islamic armies. France intervenes to push back the enemy out of the borders of the peninsula. Physical features of the Arabian conqueror. Events to come.

Centurie 3 Quatrain 43



4,24 : Military aggression in Italy and profanation of the Vatican by the Islamic troops. A false Moslem prophet at the head of attackers. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 24




4,59 : The shortage of drinking water in Italy and invasion of the country by Iran. Events of the future.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 59




 4,66 : Moslem invasion of Italy. Shortage of drinking water and victuals in the country. The starved become anthropophageous. The seven chiefs identified with the aggressor. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 66



4,77 : A monarch of Islam pacifies Italy, A Christian king affirms himself on the planet. Kingdoms of the world know a short lived quietude. The desire of this newly elected to be buried in Blois after his actions of fame on the seas. Events to come.

Centurie 4 Quatrain 77



5,32 : The invasion of Italy and destruction of the city of Rome. At the same moment, ruin of an important country (possibly the USA) during these tragic events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 32




5,67 : The chief of the Italian city of Perouse refuses to show himself in public. Seven new aristocrats made captives. A father and his son lose their lives during a particular duel or a tentative of murder. Events to come.

Centurie 5 Quatrain 67